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Did you know about these simple facts to having an effective prayer life?


It's time to tap into the power of your prayer with "The Prayers of a Warrior Queen" 30-Day Devotional!


What Is This Book About?


Do you feel like you're not praying the right way because nothing happens?  Does it seem like the harder you pray, the harder life gets?  Do you feel like maybe you're missing the memo?

I get it!  But let me tell you what helped me to have powerful and effective prayers.  Specificity and authority.  Which is all in my book, "The Prayers of a Warrior Queen."  This 30-Day interactive guide is loaded with  powerful  

devotions  that will help you break free from depression, fear, unforgiveness, and more! 


My book will help you live a victorious life! 



My name is Monique Reid.  I'm a mother of an awesome son and two amazing girls, and I'm married to a strong man of God.  I'm a Warrior Queen for Christ, and I help women break free from depression, low self-esteem, low confidence, fear, and anything else that has them bound by the chains of Satan. I want them to become the Warrior Queens they were created to be!

The most gratifying part of the journey is seeing the change in women's live when they break free from whatever bondage she was in and becomes a full-fledged Queen in her own right! Through it all, giving thanks to God for the strength to survive the process! 

I give thanks to God for giving me the strength to turn my pain into my purpose so that I could help other women. If I had not gone through what I did in the past and broken free from it, I would not be here, today, but thanks be to God for pulling me out when He did!!

I'm not perfect! I don't have it all together. I'm still learning, and I still get attacked by the lies the enemy tries to put in my mind. The difference between the old me and the new me is that I've learned how to identify the enemy and fight back, I know who I am, and I've broken free from my past! I can overcome ANYTHING the devil throws my way through Christ who strengthens me!

About Monique Reid

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Ready to have a powerful and effective prayer life?


Introducing "The Prayers of a Warrior Queen" - a 30-Day Women's Guide To Effectively Use Your Weapon Of Prayer To Wage War On The Enemy.

No more feeling as though your not praying the right way!  "The Prayers of a Warrior Queen" will guide you in being specific in your prayers and walking in your authority!


Here's What You'll Get In This Amazing Devotional:

  • Prayers

Each day has a prayer specific to the topic that will put the enemy to flight.  Being specific is extremely        important.  With any fight, there is a target.  Prayer can be war at times, and you need to know your            target.     

  • Scriptures  

You need the Word of God in every situation to lead you in all truth.  There is a scripture that supports every topic to equip you in your prayer.

  • Songs of Worship

Singing is one of my favorite ways to pour my heart out to my Abba.  With each day, you have a song to    tenderize your soul for pure worship, in spirit and in truth.  

  • Words Of Encouragement

Sometimes it can be difficult to encourage yourself.  I've written affirmations for you to speak over              yourself.  The Word says that life and death lie in the power of your tongue.


  • Journal Pages  

It's so important to journal.  It helps you put all your thoughts on paper and out of your head.  This is          even more important with prayer.  When you write your prayers, you can always go back and reflect and keep a record of your conversations with God.  

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