Who Told You, You Were Naked?

Sometimes, we as women, face circumstances that strip us of everything but the very life that is within us. And in those moments we feel ashamed, violated, uncovered... naked.

We tend to hold on to those feelings, causing us to withdrawal from family and friends, our children, and ourselves. This leads us down a deep, dark path into our own minds and lands us in a place called depression. While we are spending countless hours in this desolate place, life is passing us by.

Then one day, you feel a tap on your shoulder as you hear a voice asking you, "What are you doing here all alone, and why are you balled up?" You look up with tears flooding your eyes and answer, "I'm hiding. I don't want anyone to see me like this. I'm exposed. I'm naked." The voice replies, "Who told you, you were naked?"

You take a moment to think... "Well," you ponder, "I went through some horrible things and I was left in pain and in darkness." The voice asks again, "Who told you, you were naked?" You take a few minutes to think back over what you've been through. "No one." you answer softly.

A hand extends in front of you. "Take My hand, I and will show you who you really are." You hesitate, but you close your eyes and grasp on. Suddenly, your lifted into the air and you see a woman in front of you wearing a beautiful white and gold gown, with a crown on her head. "Who is she?" You ask in amazement. Then the voice says, "It's a mirror. She is you."

God wants us to know that no matter what we've been through, what people have done to us, no matter how vulnerable we feel at times, we are not naked. He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to cover us in His blood. He told us that we are royalty!

If you are feeling naked today, ask yourself, "Who told me I was naked?" Then grasp on to the hand of your heavenly Father and let Him show you who you really are!

Now, go forth and conquer!

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