"Daughter, Will You Trade With Me?"

I absolutely adore this picture. It really depicts the relationship that our Abba, Father, yearns to have with His daughters. So often, we get caught up in our lives that we forget to just be a daughter. A precious little girl that is safe in the arms of her loving Father. Sweet kisses on the cheek and walking hand in hand in the meadows. Sounds like a dream doesn't it? But guess what? It doesn't have to be. Since the fall of man, Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, our Father has been on a pursuit for us! The Bible clearly explains all the efforts God makes to restore man back into His presence. And though we failed Him countless times, He never stopped. He never gave up. Then, He sent Jesus.

As women, we tend to feel like we have to manage the entire universe on our shoulders. Then, when something falls out of place or slips through our fingers, we tend to beat ourselves up. After so many instances of self-inflicted abuse, we begin to see ourselves as failures, not good enough, not worthy, and we start doubting ourselves and our capabilities. We've scorched the image of who we truly are - a Queen. We are now, not only carrying the weight of the world but, also, the ashes of whom we once were.

But God. He steps onto the scene like Super Man stretching out His hand in our direction and asks a simple question, "Daughter, will you trade with Me?" We take a moment and think about every aspect of our lives. We think about our children, our relationships, our money, our hearts, our pain, our ashes. We look up at Him with big puppy eyes filled with tears and grab hold of Him. With those very tears streaming down our face He picks us up, holds us in His arms, and gently replaces every weight of the world with His burden that is light - Matthew 11:30. He erases our failures and writes in His victory. He takes our sorrow and pain and gives us His joy. And, finally, He trades our ashes for a crown of beauty - Isaiah 61:3.

This transaction is the most precious one you will ever experience. But, it can only be done if you take Him up on His offer. Trade all your problems and negative views for His rewards and visions of His promises. I know it's scary. I know it looks like you're surrounded by issues and circumstances, but God is all around you waiting for you to surrender it all over to Him.

Will you surrender to Him? Or will you continue the circus act, called life, alone? It's your decision. But it's one that must be made in your mind and your heart.

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