Everything Attached To Me Wins In Christ!

I was listening to a song called "You Will Win" by Jekalyn Carr. It goes on to say that everything attached to me wins! That's my favorite part of the song! I sing that song with all that's in me. LOL! I have three children, a marriage, a huge family, businesses, and ministries waiting to birthed out of me, and I have to decree and declare that everything attached to me wins, in the name of Jesus!

What do I mean by that? Well, my children win because they are saved, I claim it now even while they are babies. They will never see the inside of a jail cell. They will never know the taste of drugs, and if they ever try it, I decree that they'll get sick to their stomachs and won't be able to stand the smell. They will never know what it is to be a single parent. They will never experience abuse. They will not see the enemy of my yesterday! In the name of Jesus!

My marriage wins because we will always be careful to keep God at the forefront of our marriage. We will be careful in the way that we speak to one another so that we don't speak death over each other, because death and life lye in the power of the tongue. We will make a conscious effort to show each other love and affection and respect. We will pray together and fight against the enemy, not one another. Divorce will never enter into our household, in the name of Jesus! Marriage takes work to work. We will purposely put in the effort to ensure that the enemy cannot come in and make himself comfortable!

My family wins because they are covered by the Blood of Jesus! I decree and declare salvation for each and everyone of my family members! I plead the Blood of Jesus Christ over them! Though there are some of them that choose not to serve the God of the universe right now, they will eventually. God has been too good to not serve Him and He has made a promise in His Word, Acts 11:14 says, "He will speak a message to you that you and all your household will be saved by." I speak that it into existence!

My businesses win because they will be used to glorify the Father and edify His kingdom. The businesses that are being birthed from me and my husband will be successful, in the name of Jesus! They will provided employment for women, and even men, that are having difficulty finding a stable job to support their families. They will provide a future for my children and leave them with an inheritance for my generations to come, in the name of Jesus!

My ministries win because they will help build up, encourage, and strengthen the kingdom of God through forgiveness, healing, wisdom, empowerment, and unity. God has begun to form different ministries within me that will be different from what we are accustomed to. I don't even fully understand all of them yet. All I know is that God is getting ready to birth them out quickly. Thank you Father for trusting me with these ministries to help better Your kingdom and help empower Your people!

Now, I know there will be times where it may look like I've been defeated. The test and trials will come and they will be just that, a test of faith and a trial of my walk. However, God said that we are overwhelmingly victorious, so I choose to believe what God says rather that what the situation looks like. Because I serve a God who is bigger than all of my circumstances! I serve a God who's name is greater than all names! I serve a God who has never lost a battle and who has never been proven a liar! So I will lean on His word, and the more the situations put pressure on me, the more I will lean into Him. To be completely honest, that's the safest place to be!

Now it's your turn! What is attached to you? Decree and declare that you and everything attached to you wins! Will you lean on the God you serve? Don't give up! Don't get weary! Go forth and conquer Warrior Queen!

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