I Had a Dream!

God gave me a dream! There was a mother, driving a car down a main street that I am very familiar with. Somehow, I could see her as she was driving but I wasn't in the car with her, it was though I was watching from the sidewalk. The tires on the car looked as if they were melted and burnt, the back windshield of the car was busted and the back of the car looked as if it was burnt, but the woman was still driving the car. She knew it was damaged, but she kept driving as if she could still make it to her destination.

She had her teenage daughter in the backseat and she told her to move over so she can see out the back window, but there was glass on the seat from the broken windshield, and she didn't realize that she was putting her daughter in harm's way. Suddenly, I was in the passenger seat of the car with them and as we crossed the intersection it looked as though a bomb went off and there was debris all over the street. I looked at her and said, "Turn around now!" She turned the car around and crossed back over the intersection and parked in the grass.

I believe that dream signifies what God has called me to do. He's sending me to those women that are in a broken situation and they are still trying to make it work. What they don't realize is that, they are causing more damage than they know, and if they have children, they are unknowingly putting them in harm's way now and in the future. They think that they can make it to their destiny in a burnt and beat up car, but there is a line that will be crossed and life will explode in their face, that's when it may be too late!

This is where I jump into the car! "Turn around now!" I'm here to guide those women back to safe ground before it's too late! I had no one to jump into my life and direct me. I had to go through the pain and hurt alone. I went through the explosion, with my children watching front and center. As a mother, that is my biggest regret. It pains me when I see other women going through what I went through.

Now, I'm not one to bulldoze my way in anyone's life and force feed them advice or help; that's how people throw up what you've given them. even if it may have all of what is necessary, but if it is unwanted by the recipient, it will not be digested. I am here for those women that say, "Enough is enough, and I'm truly ready for change!", but they just don't know how. They might need a push in the right direction, a gentle instruction, or even a hand to hold while they cross that bridge over the troubled waters. Whatever is necessary, that is what needs to be done!

This is not an overnight thing! Nor is it an easy decision to make! But there is something on the inside of us women called "untapped power". This is where the true strength lies. The only way to tap into this power is to break into it! And to be broken is painful! To broken is ugly! To be broken is hard! To be broken is to be exposed! But let me tell you, that's where God is trying to tap into to wake up that power that He placed in you because He knew that there would come a time, such as this, where you would be in a situation and you would come to the point of "Enough is enough!"

Are you ready for the fight? This is exactly what it's going to take to "Turn around now!" You can't stop midway through and turn back! You can't give up! If you are, comment below or reach out to me via the contact page. I would love to hear from you! God bless you Warrior Queen! Go forth and conquer!

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