What is a Warrior Queen? She is a woman who defies the odds! She is strong and beautiful, confident and humble, dangerous and safe all at the same time! She fights for what's right. She believes in God and His word to her very core. She obeys God and her leaders. She worships God even when things are not going the way she wants. She waits on God and trusts that He will move in His perfect timing. She loves with the love of God.

1. Fight

This is a huge attribute, hence the first word, Warrior. A Warrior Queen fights, not in the natural, but in the spiritual. There is a constant war that we do not see, except for a select few, but we can definitely feel it! We are called to fight in that war through prayer, fasting, and the word of God. 2 Corinthians 10:4 says, "since the weapons of our warfare are not worldly, but are powerful through God for the demolition of strongholds. We demolish arguments." This simply means that we don't fight people, we fight the spirits that are work through them. We tear down and destroy the lies and schemes of Satan through the power and authority given to us from God through Jesus Christ. And guess what? We win EVERY time! It's guaranteed! Jesus has made it very clear that we are more than conquerors through Him!

2. Believe

You must believe in God and what He says about you! You have to be confident in what He said and know that God is not a man who lies, or the son of man who changes his mind... - Numbers 23:19. Even when others tell you differently, a Warrior Queen will stand up for the word that was given to her, even if it seems crazy! You have to know that God is not a small God, He does big things! God is the one that created you and put everything in you that you haven't even discovered about yourself yet. If God tells you that you are going to do something that seems bigger than you, that's because it's not for you to do it through your own strength. It's so God can get the glory! He doesn't call the equipped, He equips those that He calls!

3. Obey

Better to draw near in obedience than to offer the sacrifice as fools do, ... - Ecclesiastes 5:1. A warrior always obeys their superior. In this case, a Warrior Queen's superior is God, and His orders are given by the Holy Spirit and through our leaders. God will always give you direction, if you seek it. Most often, He will speak softly to you in your own voice and this is where a lot of people question whether they really heard God or was it just in their mind. I must admit, I struggle with this as well. However, we have to seek confirmation through prayer and fasting. As a Warrior Queen, we must know our instructions and clearly understand them so that we can carry them out accurately. Sometimes God will use our leaders to instruct us. This is when we have to know who are leaders are and trust that they hear from God as well. They are also our superiors, and we are expected to obey them as well. A Warrior Queen must be wise to obey God when He speaks, and when He doesn't.

4. Worship

We were created to worship God. A Warrior Queen's first assignment is to worship in spirit and in truth. You cannot war if you cannot worship. It is in your worship where you receive most of your instruction on how to defeat the enemy and how to break free from the chains he has placed on you and your family. Worship is also a weapon used to tear down the traps and strongholds of Satan. No matter what is happening, no matter how bad it seems, how painful it feels, or how hard it is, a Warrior Queen must NEVER stop her worship!

Your worship strengthens you spiritually and this is exactly what Satan is trying to stop. That's why he will try to throw any and everything your way to distract you, frustrate you, and even kill if he could. As a Warrior Queen we must recognize his tactics and see through the smoke bombs he throws at us and fall on our faces and give God praise in the midst of our situation. We cannot abort our assignment! We must worship!

5. Wait

Patience is a virtue. You may have heard this saying before, and it was probably from someone who was taking a long time and they wanted you to wait for them. In that case, your patience was a virtue for them only. However, waiting on God is a true virtue, because when God does something, He does it right! A Warrior Queen understands this and will not move until she is instructed to do so. She will never move prematurely, and she does not rush God because she knows that, although God may not move when you want Him to, His timing is always perfect. If you move too soon, you are bound to miss something and if you try to rush Him, He will only make you wait longer. It's also a perfect time to worship while you wait. Though this may not unction God to move faster, it will glorify Him in the process and please Him, and a Warrior Queen always seeks to please God.

6. Love

A Warrior Queen's purpose is not only to fight, but to love as well. God drew us to Him through His loving kindness. He showed us immeasurable love when He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for us. Let's take a moment to think about that. We often rush passed the death and resurrection of Jesus as if it were just a story. Ponder on the fact that the very God who created us sent His son to die for us so that we would not have to suffer the hell that we brought on ourselves! Who wouldn't serve a God like that! He loves me and you that much! We, being made in His image, must also show love to one another. We fight for those we love, and we show love to the world. When you think of the Queen, everyone should love the Queen because of her kindness and the love she shows towards her people. That is the Queen that you are to be, the one who shows love and kindness to everyone.

These attributes may seem small, but they hold a ton of weight. Have you ever seen a solid bar of gold? It's small, but heavy. We should strive to live out these characteristics in our daily lives. A true Warrior Queen is a woman of God who diligently seeks Him and loves Him and who is obedient. She knows when to war and when to love.

Since you now know who you are, go forth and conquer!

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