Depression is deadly! I strongly believe that it is the predecessor and root of suicide, which is at an all-time high! We're hearing more and more about famous individuals committing suicide, and we think to ourselves,

"They have all this money! What could they possibly be depressed about?"

What we don't see is the spiritual side of it. Depression is a spirit! Suicide is a spirit! It's obvious that they work closely together!

Have you ever sat at home by yourself and your thoughts begin to drift, and you're lead to a place or time when something sad or bad or scary happened to you and you begin to feel those emotions all over again as if it just happened? Isn't it hard to break out of that mood? That's because, the devil always comes back to remind you of things that happened in your past that caused you pain in order to plant a thought.

When you begin to linger on that thought, you've taken the bait. He then begins to slowly reel you in like a fish on a hook as he brings back the emotions, the hurt, and anger. Now that he's got your mind, your heart is pliable, and that spirit of depression comes over you and you find yourself crying or angry or worried about something that happened to you years ago!

So How Do I Break Free From Depression? I'm glad you asked! Now, let me be very clear, I am not a psychiatrist so, if you've been diagnosed and prescribed medication, keep taking it and just add these steps to your regimen. This is based off my personal/spiritual experience. Breaking free from depression is first a decision that you must make and then a process that you must endure. Understand that it is not going to be easy! This is a fight, a spiritual one at that! The good news is that there is a way out, if you want it.


1. Recognize.

When you’re depressed, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what is wrong but, to break free from anything, you must first recognize that you are in bondage from it. Depression is a stronghold that will keep you locked up in chains within your mind and, if you don’t break free from it, it will suck you into a world of darkness. Until you recognize and acknowledge it, you will never be able to break free from it but, you must take the time to learn where it stemmed from, or who may have caused it. This involves a deep dive into your mind and your soul to seek out the root of it all.

2. Forgive

Most of the time depression comes by the hands of another. Now, this may sound impossible, but you must forgive every person that caused you any pain, even yourself! Unforgiveness is a powerful hindrance and, it can cause you to become bitter and cruel. On the other hand, forgiveness is even stronger and it will allow you to be free from imprisonment, pain, and anger. When you forgive, you demolish the shackles that you were placed in when the event took place. It’s a liberating feeling when you can tell someone that forgive them and mean it!

3. Accept.

Once you have recognized where the root of the depression originated from and, you’ve forgiven him her, them, and/or yourself, you must now accept that whatever happened in the past is now in the past and there is nothing you can do to change it so, there is no point in reliving it in your mind. I must admit, this step was very difficult for me, but once I was able to really accept that it happened, and I tried everything to fix it with no avail, I was then able to decide that it was time to move on and I was at peace.

4. Discover

When you've experienced depression and you're fighting to get out, chances are, you've been there a long time. Depression doesn't always come overnight and it certainly won't leave overnight either. We often lose sight of who we are to our core. We've spent so much time living in the darkness of depression or in the shadows of another that we stray from our original state of who we are. We must now re discover ourselves. We have to dig deep down to find who we once were. What are the things you like to do? What are some places that you've always wanted to go? What are some things that you've always wanted to do? What are foods that you've never tried? This is the time were you have to date yourself and take yourself out places. Make your own memories and build yourself back up! Tell yourself how beautiful you are everyday and how awesome you are! Then you will be able to develop your true self.

5. Continue

After you've recognized the enemy, forgiven those who have hurt you, accepted the fact that the situation happened, and discovered who you are again, it is now time to continue with your life. How? I'm glad you asked. Take a deep breath, now, exhale. Do it again, and again, and again. Sometimes, that's the hardest part. There's no real way for me to tell you how to continue living, it's something that you have to figure out for yourself. Use what you've learned about yourself during this process and continue learning. Continue forgiving those that hurt you, because it will happen again. Keep this in mind: Depression will come back to haunt you and it will suck you back in if you let it. When this happens, you must remember to repeat these steps to continually defeat depression over and over and over!

Don't get me wrong, it's not as simple as it sounds and, of course, these are not the only steps that will help you to break free. Let's not leave out the fact that using the word of God is always essential! The word of God is the perfect weapon to use against depression!

Weapons to Fight against Depression

Some of the scriptures that can help you when battling depression are:

  • Isaiah 41:10

  • Psalms 34:18

  • Matthew 11:28

  • John 16:33

  • Psalms 40

  • Psalms 42

God's word along with the steps will give you the tools you need to conquer depression!

DON'T GIVE UP! I know it's hard! Trust me, I still go through these steps from time to time, and they work every time! Praise God that I can conquer depression every time it comes knocking at my door! So can you!

Now, go forth and conquer Warrior Queen!

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