Be who God called you to be! Claim your victory! It's a choice that you have the power and permission to make!

Remember: THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! Any time he says you are something, you tell him I'm not that! When he tells you you're not something, you tell him I am that! Don't you know that you have been given authority to walk on snakes and scorpions and have ALL power over the enemy and NOTHING will harm you! - Luke 10:19.

Why would you want to walk around feeling low, sad, depressed, and heavy all the time! Don't you want to break free?! So, break free Warrior Queen! You have been given the weapons by the ALL POWERFUL God of creation to tear down the lies and schemes of the enemy that keep coming at you to ruin your life! If you're okay with throwing a pity-party for yourself, then, by all means, you can have it! But where are my fellow Warrior Queens who have HAD IT! I mean, really sick and tired of being worn down, mistreated, mishandled, and underestimated!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We have to put our stilettos down! Both of them! Stand firm in what you believe in and who you were created to be! Fix your crown of glory, grab your sword - the word, and pick up your shield -your faith. Raise that shield high! HIGHER! This is who you are! A mighty woman of God! A warrior for Christ! Don't you EVER let ANYONE tell you anything different! You are a daughter of The King and nothing will harm you!

Now, if you're reading this and you're thinking to yourself, "This is great! I would love to be like that! But how?" I'm glad you asked. Queen, it begins within you. You have to first begin to change your mindset about the way you think about you. Take a moment and reflect on you. What is your favorite part of you? What do you do the best? What's your strongest quality? If you don't know the answer to these questions, this is where you start. Find yourself. Explore your heart and mind. Date yourself. It sounds funny, I know! But it's crucial.

When you build a house, you don't build the walls before you lay the foundation, otherwise, it will fall. The bible even talks about building your house on a solid foundation so that when the storm comes, your house will withstand the winds and rain. This is so true in every aspect of life. If there is no solid foundation to build upon, it will all be for naught. Build your foundation of you. Let it cure and strengthen. Don't rush yourself, it took you this long to get to where you're at now, it's gonna take some time to gather yourself back up.

If you are able to answer those questions, great! Now, tell me:

What is your biggest weakness?

What is your greatest fear?

What is your deepest hurt?

These take some soul searching to answer, a deeper dive into you. It's easier to point out the positives than to dig up the negatives. Why? Well, we tend to bury them, deep, deep, deeeeeeeeep down so we don't have to relive it. But that's EXACTLY why those things are the biggest, greatest, and deepest, because you refuse to shine any light on them. Do you know the best environment for mold to grow in is in dark, moist, undisturbed areas, and it's deadly! However, once you open up those parts and shed some light on it and let fresh air in, it begins to dry up and what doesn't go away on its own is now easily accessible to scrap out and clean up. That's how we have to treat those bad things that happened to us that we tried to forget about and never wanted to revisit again! They are the mold that's growing in our hearts and it's slowly killing us from the inside out. You can't have a foundation that is infested with mold or it will contaminate everything else that is built upon it!

Okay. You are beginning to build yourself back up simply by finding out who you are. During this phase, it is extremely important that you seek God out for who He is. He should be infused in the very foundation, you. He needs to be at the very center of EVERYTHING in your life! How do you seek Him out? Through prayer and reading His word. They are just a few of the main weapons you will use to tear down the camp of the enemy and take back what he took from you!

WHO'S WITH ME?! I don't know about you, but there are some things that the nasty, lying, ugly devil took from me and I'm ready to get it back, and then some!!! Let me see you raise up His glory, pick up your word, and lift up your faith!


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