Just surrender and let God fix it! He's waiting for you with open arms to run to Him! God says He's wiping the slate clean for you and giving you a fresh start... if only you would just surrender. He loves you!

Sometimes, we make God so complicated when He is very simple. "Give Me your heart and I will give you eternity." This seems too easy, right? That's because it is! When you give your heart to God, you are giving Him everything and allowing Him access to come in and deep clean your soul, your mind ,and your body. Your heart is your core. The word says in Isaiah 29:13, "... these people approach Me with their mouths to honor Me with lip service - yet their hearts are far from me, ..." He wants our hearts so He can get rid of all that pain that's inside of it. He wants to mold it into something beautiful and make something new out of the old rubbish.

This life that we live is harsh and unruly and cold, and we being to harden our hearts to protect it from continual damage. What we don't realize is when we do that, it stops our hearts from growing. Not in the literal term of growth, in the spiritual. We are naturally designed to give and receive love in a million different ways. Over time, we learn new ways of loving and find more people to love. That is the growth of our heart. When we harden our heart, we stop giving out love so easily because we're afraid we won't get it back or, we may receive pain instead. When we harden our hearts, we don't allow people in to love because we can't trust them and don't want to be hurt by another person. That is when the growth of the heart is stunted.

As human beings, we tend to hold on to a lot of hurt and painful memories because we think that we can protect ourselves from further damage. When in actuality, we are self inflicting damage on ourselves. Holding on to pain will make you sick. It will plant a root that will sprout into a tree of bitterness, and you can't bend a tree when it's grown.

However, there is a cure! It's called the blood of Jesus! When you invite Jesus into your heart, He comes in drenches it with His own blood that begins to repair those places in your heart that have tears, holes, cracks, and broken pieces. He throws out the things that are causing it to rot like unforgiveness, bitterness, and pain. He releases peace that surpasses all understanding, and He brakes off the chains that have been suffocating your heart for all these years so it begins to grow again. This is what God wants to do for us! He wants to love us! He wants to heal us! He wants to have a relationship with us! All we have to do is surrender.

Surrender the pain, the failures, the fear, rejection, doubts, mistakes, lies, and anything else that was intended to break you and harm you. Give Him the deepest darkest thing that you haven't told a soul about. Let Him take all the negative experiences you had. Now, turn around and walk away from it all and never pick it back up. You've now made room for love, success, courage, acceptance, belief, truth and everything else that is intended to build you up and bring you joy! Yes, it happened, but it doesn't have to torture you anymore! Out with the old and in with the new!!! You deserve it!

Now Go Forth and Conquer!

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