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Names of God

God has many names that speak to a particular aspect of who He is.  Because God is very specific, when you call on the name He has given Himself for that need, He will make Himself available to you in that very area.

Names of God


The Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:21 that the power of life and death lie in our tongue.  We should be very intent on speaking life over ourselves.  When we begin to have doubts, these affirmations help to remind us of who we are and whom we belong to!



It is so vital that we learn to journal.  Why?  So we can keep a record of what God has done for us in our lives.  Sometimes we forget what He's brought us through and we need a reminder.  With this journal, you can look back and remember all of your prayers and see how God has answered them and how He's made your dreams come true!


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Every Warrior has a plan of attack!

Every Queen has a kingdom to rule!

A Warrior Queen's Battle Plan is not your typical journal. This is designed to help you organize your prayer life. It includes tools and resources such as the Names of God and affirmations to help you be specific and more confident in your prayers. It provides you with plenty of pages to write as much or as little as you need. This gives you a strategy to put a prayer plan in place and help you stick with it!

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A Warrior Queen's Battle Plan