About Me

My name is Monique Reid.  I am a Warrior for Christ, and I am a Queen on this earth!  My purpose is to train, empower, and encourage women all over the world to become stronger in Christ through faith, prayer, and worship.  My mission is to teach women how to walk in the authority given to us through Jesus Christ and break all the chains of the enemy!  


I'm happily married to a God-fearing man who is absolutely awesome and I have three amazing children!  I'm walking in my purpose, but life wasn't always this way...

A few years ago I was in a marriage that started out perfectly but ended terribly.  I lost so much weight because I couldn't eat.  I cried so much that no more tears would come out.  I didn't even know that was possible!  I was depressed,  I had no self-esteem, and lost all confidence in myself.  

Finally, I began to seek God and found the strength to fight those feelings, but it was a war!  I was up later than everyone else praying and I was up earlier than everyone else praying.  I was fighting spiritually!  There is a constant war that is happening all around us and, though we cannot see it, we are definitely in it.  We can either fall victim to it, or we can be an active warrior in it.  I chose to fight, and I was able to find joy and peace again.  I divorced and started all over. 


After fighting for so long, it was time to rebuild.  I had to rebuild my self-esteem and my confidence.  I began pouring back into myself.  I promised myself that I would never go through that again!  I never wanted to experience those feelings again!  I resurrected the queen that had been lying dormant for so long.  I began addressing myself as a queen and encouraging and empowering myself.  It was a little difficult in the beginning, and I made plenty of mistakes along the way, but over time and with the leading of Holy Spirit, I'm here today.       


I know that there are other woman out there that are going through the same thing I was and they want to get out but they just don't know how.  This is where God has sent me back to help guide women and encourage them and show them how I did it!  

This life is a war but we are still Queens.  I'm here to teach women to fight for themselves spiritually and remind them of the Queens they are.  This is The Making of a Warrior Queen.